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express yourself just needed a place to blog out my feelings..and this is all coming from the heart...

Tuesday, June 11, 2002 :::
i just came home from the hospital..and im so tired..i don't know why...but i feel really different..i just don't feel the same anymore..i really need some extra hours of sleep..wow the graduation issue came up in my head again..my brothers grad day is this friday..i've been waiting for this my whole life..and i cant believe that its coming so soon..i have learned so much in school and made so much freinds...i use to say that i will never miss high school since i use to complain so much..but now that im graduating...i dont want to leave high school...im going to miss everything and everyone that im going to leave behind...i just wish i can turn back time and be a freshman all over again...its so weird how i use to complain that im still in high school..and now im complaining that im leaving high school..i have gone through alot of thing with my friends..and im going to miss the usual hang out place..awww lil quiapo ...hehehe...im definately going to visit even when im in college..i grew up in DHS and it has became my second home... time will still go on..and the world is still going to evolve... its time to end my high school chapter and get ready for my upcoming chapter of being in college..

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Monday, June 10, 2002 :::
i've been so tired lately..the reason is that i've been going back and forth to the hospital visiting my mom...then i come home all late..i need more sleep.. whoa man..i have like 2 weeks and a half of school left..and goodbye high school..i've been waiting for this day..and time feels like its going so slow on purpose..i feel like they don't want me to graduate...hehe..anywhooo there is not enough hours in a day...evertime i get home i feel so beat and about to past out to sleep...anywhooo...i just started this thing today..and i don't have anything productive or interesting to write about for now..actually i have another online journal...and a certain someone that i know has one too..and her recent entry was that she getting tired of seeing alot of people having the same online journal..i just got a little pissed thats why im not writing on that anymore..even though she told me to sign up for it...i just don't want the situation to be any bigger and i don't want to make a big deal out of it... because i have other thing to think of...so im going to end this now and get some rest because the chairs in the hospital are not ver comfortable to sleep on..

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just needed a place to blog out my feelings..and this is all coming from the heart...

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